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Fiat Panda Gas Mileage and Car Performance Specs
Car Engine Specs
Engine Size:
Fuel Usage:
Transmission System:
Transmission Type:
Metric Fuel Mileage
Metric Urban Cold:
5.2 L/100km
Metric Extra Urban:
3.6 L/100km
Metric Urban Combined:
4.2 L/100km
Imperial Fuel Mileage
Imperial Urban Cold:
54.3 MPG
Imperial Extra Urban:
78.5 MPG
Imperial Urban Combined:
67.3 MPG
Car Emissions, Car Tax Bands, Euro Standard and More
Car Co2 Emissions g/km:
Annual Fuel Cost:
Car Euro Standard:
Euro 5
Car Tax Band:
Tax Band B
Car Noise Levels:
Annual Vehicle Tax:

* Based on driving 12000 miles per year at the current petrol price or diesel price (if applicable)
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User's Actual Real World MPG and Comments
Comment Date: 5/29/2011 5:38:00 AM
Name: pauline
Miles Per Gallon: 45
L/100km: 7
Comments: I drive a Panda 1.1 active eco. The garage pulled a fast one on me as I was given the 1.2 to test drive the guy told me it was a 1.1. When I collected my 1.1 I noticed the power difference Straight Away it took a month before I found out the blue Panda I had drove was a 1.2 I think the Fiat garages are Con men. I was told it gets almost 70mpg I had the car 6 month now and the most I got was 49mph with the average at 42mpg its been fuel economy tuned five times at Fiat and I took it to a specialist who checked it and sais they did the best they could with it tuned up for economy (cost me £120) The Panda does exactly 46mpg no more and I never drive over 55 mph. The Odometer reads far too high as I measured a 144 mile distance on my sat nav but the Panda speedo reads 186miles so somethimngs wrong somewhere. I agree with that guy we have all been Duped as a small motorcycle does not even get 69 miles per gallon especially the automatic scooters which eat petrol I had a Honda wave with gears and automatic clutch when I think back it only did about 80 Miles per gallon so how on earth can a Fiat Panda weighing many times more than a Honda Wave do 69mpg??? Its just another Market Con. Look at the latest Renault and Skodas also the volvo BOASTING 73 MILES PER GALLON????? GET REAL MAN ITS IMPOSSIBLE TIME THE TRADING STANDARDS MOVED IN AND TOOK THESE COMPANIES TO COURT. They dont even do a road mpg test I was told its a emission calculation on a bench tested engine seeing how much emissions are converted or cleaned coming out the Cat another con when will anyone come to their senses you will be very lucky to get 50mpg out of a small hatchback and never will you get 73mph from these economic Skoda estates and other cars weighing over a TON.

Comment Date: 5/29/2011 5:27:00 AM
Name: John Hall
Miles Per Gallon: 46
L/100km: 8
Comments: A Honda 125 motorcycle weighing almost ten times less than a Panda (I have one ) gets me 60MPG there is no way a Fiat panda gets 69MPG as manufacturers say the speedo reads 30mph but is going 26mph on a Digital speed/Mile GPS Test Set at 40MPH its 36 mph at 60 mph its 54mph the odometre on the fiat panda reads 20% higher than the REAL MILES TRAVELLED CHECKED WITH GPS 16 SATELLITE LILEAGE SPEED AND MILES READER ON A FLAT TRACK ROUND A CIRCUIT WITH A 9 STONE DRIVER AND NO WIND. LETS FACE IT MAN A RALEIGH MOPED JUST MADE 90MPG IN NO WIND SITUATIONS WITH A MIDGET ON IT AT 30MPH A SMALL CAR CAR WEIGHS ALMOST A TON (pANDA 850kgs IN BOOK) join the real world if a honda 90 motorbike weighing 80kgs or less does 70 to 75mpg any small hatch which weighs almost ten times this will never get 70mph. i want my money back from fiat i lost 24 mpg on what they say it gets.

What is the Process for Testing Fuel Consumption of New Cars?
UK fuel economy and mpg ratings are provided by the Vehicle Certification Agency who performs tests to work out how many miles per gallon, liters per 100km and car Co2 emissions a car achieves. For the VCA's mpg calculator to take into account new car engines and get accurate average mpg they ensure the car has driven at least 1800 miles before carrying out tests.

The engine fuel efficiency is tested based on two distinct set of driving conditions. The first is the urban cycle which is meant to test city fuel economy. The second is the extra urban cycle which is meant to test highway fuel economy and country driving fuel economy. The urban cycle does not exceed 31 miles per hour and features accelerations, decelerations and idling over and 2.5 mile track. The extra urban cycle does not exceed 75 miles per hour with accelerations and decelerations over a 4.3 mile track. The top mpg of both tests is combined and weighted to work out the combined fuel economy mpg figure.

The fuel usage and fuel type has a bearing on the Co2 emissions which traditionally are lower for diesel cars. The Co2 emissions are used to work out the car tax band for the vehicle.

All car manufacturers must have the test done to show the car mileage and petrol consumption on a label which is fixed on all new cars for sale. This way potential owners can consider a vehicle list not only by car description and car make but they can also rank cars by mpg.