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What is fuel consumption? - Fuel consumption is the amount of fuel a car's engine uses measured in either miles per gallon or litres per 100km.

Compare mpg fuel consumption and average mpg ratings by browsing our list of car makes. Research gas mileage with metric L/100km and imperial MPG as well as car tax bands and car Co2 emmisions details.

You can compare fuel economy and average mpg for new cars or use the car mileage search to find specific car performance specs. To work out your actual real world fuel economy try using the fuel economy calculator. For a quick search by car make or car model try one of the search options below.

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Best Selling Cars in the UK in 2012
ford focus fuel mileage
ford fiesta fuel mileage
volkswagen golf fuel mileage
vauxhall corsa fuel mileage
vauxhall astra fuel mileage
Today's Most Searched Vehicle » Toyota Prius
Toyota Prius Front Toyota Prius Fuel Mileage Toyota Prius Interior Toyota Prius Side

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Lowest Fuel Consumption
According to our database the Smart car is leading the charge. The Smart Cabrio is closely followed by the Skoda Fabia Hatch.
MPG Comparison
Find car manufacturers with the best car fuel economy by browsing our constantly updated database containing all popular makes and models.
MPG Ratings
We have over 4900 vehicles in our database so you can compare mpg ratings. You can browse the fuel economy ratings of a car and compare it to others in the range.
Fuel Consumption Reviews
Is your car economical to run? Let us know by finding your model and then leaving your review to tell us what MPG you achieve. You can also use our fuel consumption calculator.
Car C02 Comparison
Just how green is your car? There is more to a green car than knowing what MPG it achieves. Use our fuel economy guide to learn how much Co2 your car generates while comparing Co2 emmissions to other similar size cars.
Diesel Fuel Consumption
Diesel is back and as economical as ever. Back in the day diesel cars were know as black smoke bellowing nasties. But emissions have been reduced and now many cars display diesel fuel consumption lower than their petrol cousins.